CAIA - digitally transforming the HR process with Artificial Intelligence


Let us introduce you to your newest HR Team Member: CAIA



CAIA is one of the first companies in Europe to introduce AI to the recruiting process, helping businesses reduce 75% of their HR workload, allowing more time to be spent with the most eligible candidates and enabling a more seamless employee hiring experience. Let us begin the digital transformation in HR.



Let us introduce you to CAIA

as your newest HR team member


CAIA (Cognitive Artificial Intelligence Application) transforms the recruitment process by improving the efficiency and effectiveness of talent selection. Automated candidate sourcing combined with personality testing and evaluation allows pre-selection of suitable candidates. An AI interview is conducted to further refine the screening and identify the best candidates for final personal interviews. Let´s make a smart business!

Do more with less

AI-based tools are transforming HR processes, enabling better people decisions

and  revolutionizing both the candidate

and employee experience.

CAIA spares you the work on diligence

and allows you to focus on the areas requiring

a human decision.

Using artificial intelligence in HR will create

a more seamless candidate

and employee experience.


Using AI, you and your colleagues will be spared stressful and monotonous work.


CAIA can scan, read and evaluate applicants, freeing up your precious time by eliminating 75% of the whole recruiting process.

AI provides a huge benefit, it allows you and

your recruiter colleagues to spend more time analyzing and evaluating a smaller group of eligible candidates, thereby improving the quality of the hiring process in HR departments.


Additionally, companies will save a lot of money using AI instead of paying the cost of poor hiring decisions.

AI-based chat systems can communicate with candidates and quickly screen people.

It can dramatically reduce the time and costs recruiters spend on candidate screening,

and frees up recruiters to focus their energy

on assessment and negotiating.

How it works

CAIA is your intelligent software partner for the recruitment process. 


Your benefits

Increase Candidate experience


Increase User Happiness


24/7 Operations


Optimize your recruitment budget


Faster time-to-hire


Being more competitive


About us

Our Approach We help companies Go Global and make a Smart Business with CAIA.

Over 20 years of HR and IT experience

We are proud to boast HR and IT rock stars in our team, allowing us to gain a wide overview. 

Of course, one of our first class employees is CAIA. 

We help companies Go Global and make a Smart Business with CAIA. 
Our colleagues are located all over Europe: London, Berlin, Budapest; but our home is worldwide.

A team with

18 years of experience in HR

12 years of experience in IT Security

19 years of experience in Software Development

40 years of study


523.000 screened CVs

31.000 interviews

150 Assessement Centres

100.000 cups of coffee


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